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Passion vs. Purpose

Passion is how you do what you do. 

Purpose is why you do it.

If you combine the 2 Ps you get power.

Then there's nothing in this world that can stop you!

- Chai -

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This program covers every area of your life from personal development, relationships and health, to career, money & environment. 


This program helps you find your true personal values, and use them to create your life path around what is important to you.


There is an old saying that, "happiness is different things to different people." This program was designed to help you first define happiness, and then determine what truly makes you happy and how to achieve it.


Often, when we hear the word "relationships" we think only about marital or intimate unions. This program helps you enhance ALL the relationships in your life.


This program allows multiple participants to go through selected coaching programs at the same time, in the same forum; while learning from and interacting with each other.


This is probably our most intense coaching program yet. Here you will learn home to "get your power back". We welcome ALL kinds of addiction recoverees. 






This program is at the heart of our problem, solution motto. Here you will not only set goals, deadlines and achieveable steps. But you will learn the power of mindset.


In this program you will learn how to master your finances, the path and strategies to be come debt free, bugeting, restore your credit using a done for you system, and so much more.




Available after completing qualifying coaching programs.

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What is Life Coaching?

The concept of a lifecoach has been on the rise in recent years, still many do not know who a lifecoach is or what it is they actually do. A lifecoach is someone who helps you discover values and desires that you did not even know that you had, and turn them into passions. Therefore, creating your best and most fulfilled life. A lifecoach can also serve as a guide in achieving what I like to call intersurmountables, or things we often perceive can not be done or are too diffcult to do by harnassing your will power.

Life Coaching vs. Therapy?

A coach by definition, is one who pushes you to the core to achieve your maximum potential. A therapist however, is one who unravels and digs into the root of things to create a breakthrough.

When would you need a coach? - When you are looking for some one to partner or guide with you to achieve maximum results in any or every area of your life.

When would you need a therapist? - When you are looking for someone to answer the whys of certain things, such as behaviors, addictions and patterns.

Can I have both? - Certainly, actually most professional coaches and therapists have partnerships where they recommend each other as per situation and/or client. In any event, your coach would push you past the obstacles, help you break and construct new patterns etc. But your therapist would be the one to tell you why, where it stems from and dig back to move ahead.

When it all comes  down to it, therapists look back where as coaches look forward.

A Coach vs. A Mentor?

This is actual the single most common question that has been asked. The answer is really simple. A mentor, is someone whom you look up to. Often this person has achieved what you would like to achieve. Mentors can take the form of persons that you learn from a far i.e. follow on social media, are part of their membership group/site, or you have bought the trainings e.t.c. This person takes you under their wings and allows you to mirror them and/or their techniques that they used to achieve success.  A coach however, constructs a plan/program around YOU often hollistically to achieve YOUR goals and desires. Keeping you accountable every step of the way.

The problem with mentorship, is that this someone else strategies often factoring their resources, mindset, level and skillset. Which can result in the mentee becoming fustrated and overwhelmed trying to live up to and be like the mentor.

Both mentors and coaches are important, more so for business professionals. A mentor gives you someone and something to look up/forward to. You can learn so much from mentors. Your coach will keep you grounded, by establishing the line between reality and fantasy.

Why Do I Need A Life Coach?

Recently, I have heard of the I Am My Life Coach Movement. Here's a sad reality, while this book-based system may work for some, it is misleading because it does not work for the masses. A life coach is to the mind and inner man, what a football coach is to an athlete, or what a trainer is to someone who needs to lose weight. A coach can be a short term pursuit. But we all need a little motivation and push to get started and get the ball rolling. Sometimes just knowing that one person believes in you, other than yourself and even if you don't, can make the difference. Here at Fin-U we believe in refining yourself. Using what already exsists to create the utmost beauty. Find a coach. Be a coach. We coach you. You coach you.