Self-Improvement & Growth Kit

$129.00 $50.00

31 Social graphics

2 Inspiration Teaching Videos:

-10 Reasons Video

-Personal Development Goals Video

3 Workbooks:

-1 Thing A Day Challenge

-Assessment Workbook

-Self-Improvement Workbook

7 Infographics

-12 Ways Self-Challenge

-45 Goals Infographic

-50 Ways Challenge Infographic

-Areas of Self-Improvement Infographic

-Life Areas Infographic

-Self-Understanding Infographic

-Self-Growth Mind Infographic

2 Checklists:

-45 Goals of Self-Improvement Checklist

-50 Ways Challenge Checklist

5 E-books:

-101 Empowering Habits E-book

-Becoming Proactive E-book

-Free Yourself E-book

-Self-Improvement E-book

-Self Improvement Quotes E-book






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